Scooter Pros

Makers of Go-Bikes and Go-Bike Accessories

The Go-Bike is made from high quality chromeoly steel (frame, forks, and swing arm) and powder coated for durability. Rims are polished magnesium, rear shock has oil dampening with adjustable spring rate. The engine is a Zenoah 41.5cc / 2.5hp engine. Front and rear disc brakes. All terrain tires.

This is not a disposable import you can't find parts for.

The Go-Bike's power and handling is far superior to any other product in it's class.

There are a lot of products on the market that look good but don't have power or spare parts and handle like your grandpa's lawnmower.

The unique frame was designed and patented by Scooter Pros with the help of Patmount motor werks. We designed it to be small, portable, quiet, well handling, comfortable bike that could go just about anywhere while putting a smile on your face.

Go-Bike can be accessorized with any number of billet products. High performance products are locates here and on other web-sites to increase horsepower.

For riders over 180lbs we recommend purchasing our heavy-duty shock absorber that will support up to 250lbs.